William Bonilla
  • Roberto William Bonilla Garcia
  • MD / CEO

is the MD/CEO of AB Microfinance Bank Nigeria responsible for the strategic direction of the bank and day-to day operations. He has an extensive first-hand experience in management of financial institutions in different countries in Latin America and Africa where he has served in different capacities and roles as a member of senior management. William has been in charge of implementing projects aimed to deepening access to financial services in remote rural areas for low-income households in countries like Uganda and Mexico. He has worked in several countries for multinational companies and audit firms in the field of finance, accounting, and audit Mr. Bonilla is a Business Administrator and speaks Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

Pawel Wodz
  • Pawel Wodz

    Chief Credit Officer

Pawel joined the Management Board of ABN in 2014 bringing a lot of knowledge and experience in Credit, Finance and Treasury Management. Since joining LFS in 2009, he has served in various consulting capacities on the AccessHolding network of banks including Credit Manager / Deputy General Manager in AccessBank Liberia, Credit Advisor and Senior Expert for Finance and Treasury as well as Credit Manager and Deputy CEO in AccessBank Tanzania. Prior to joining LFS, he worked as a Business Analyst with international strategic consultancies in Warsaw. Pawel speaks Polish, German, English and is currently learning Yoruba.

Pawel Wodz
  • Oladapo Ikupolati

    Chief Financial Officer

Oladapo Ikupolati is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of AB Microfinance Bank Nigeria. He joined ABN in 2010 as a Financial Control Officer and also worked as the Head of the Internal Audit Function before moving to the Banking Services department as a Deputy Banking Services Manager. He also served as the Chief Banking Services Officer (CBSO) prior to his appointment as the CFO. Dapo is an active member of various professional institutes and association with 14 years cumulative experience in the field of Banking, Accounting, Financial Control & Planning, Internal Audit and Information Systems Audit.

Pawel Wodz
  • Kemi Ampitan

    Chief Risk Officer

Kemi Ampitan is the Chief Risk Officer (CRO) of AB Microfinance Bank Nigeria (ABN). Since her employment within ABN in 2008, she has served as the Head of Internal Audit to set up the Internal Audit Function of the bank. She also served as the Head of Finance and Administration and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) prior to her appointment as the CRO. She was the project team leader for the in-house IFRS first time adoption/conversion project. Kemi is an active member of various professional institutes and association and she brings on board her wealth of experience spanning over 15 years in the field of accounting, taxation, internal and external auditing.

Pawel Wodz
  • Leo Armel Tchoudjang Nzoutchoum

    Chief Information Officer

Leo-Armel is the Chief Information Officer of AB Microfinance Bank Nigeria responsible for the digital transformation and innovation, strategic alignment between IT and business of the bank and driving the day-to-day operational excellence in an efficient manner. He joined ABN as the program manager for the E-Banking program in Nigeria and supporting other Branchless Banking projects in the Holding network. His professional background led him to work in Consulting, Banking and Telecom industries mainly in Europe and Africa where he managed various internal and cross-border strategic projects. Leo-Armel is a business-oriented digital professional and speaks English and French.